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The Environmental Protection Act in Ontario
The Environmental Protection Act has been put in place by the Ontario government as a means of regulating the amount of emissions and waste that are released into the environment. This legislation serves to protect both the environment and the citizens of the province by forcing businesses in the province to comply with contaminant regulations in order to be able to operate legally.
In order to show compliance with the regulations, a waste audit and waste reduction work plan must be completed for regulated facilities. The Ministry of the Environment is the governing body for waste generation and disposal in Ontario and they are responsible for regulating the levels of contaminants that are released into the environment. In order to operate in compliance in Ontario a regulated facility must conduct a waste audit and complete a waste reduction work plan for their facility operations.
What is a Waste Audit?
Specific regulations in the Environmental Protection Act (102/94 and 103/94) ensure that businesses operating in the province report the amount of waste that is produced. The reporting includes the amount, nature and composition of the wastes that are produced.
A waste audit is an in-depth look into the various waste streams that determines where the waste comes from and where it goes. A detailed waste audit will also include an analysis of the management decisions and policies that relate to the production of waste at the facility. The waste audit must encompass all activities of the business including:
  • Administrative;
  • Warehousing; and
  • All ancillary activities or departments on the same site.
A waste audit will provide valuable insight and identify areas for improvement that will help form a "Waste Reduction Work Plan.” The goal of the waste reduction work plan is to identify all processes that can be modified to use fewer raw materials and generate less waste. This includes separating the waste into components that can be reused or recycled from waste that has to be removed.
Regulation 102/94 requires the development of a waste reduction plan that includes steps to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste originating from the facility. This regulation also requires an annual update to the waste audit and the waste reduction plan.
Who Conducts Waste Audits?
Businesses in the following areas are especially affected by the requirements for waste audits:
  • Commercial facilities;
  • Industrial facilities; and
  • Large manufacturers.
A reputable environmental consulting company in Ontario is extremely beneficial in conducting comprehensive waste audits. Environmental consultants are experienced in the industry and have the expertise to analyze the various processes in order to identify areas for waste improvements. These skills are exceptionally useful in developing a waste reduction work plan with achievable goals on realistic timelines.
Waste audits are important to ensure that businesses operating here are helping to keep Ontario beautiful and clean. An environmental consultant can be vital to lowering the amount of waste that ends up in the environment and helping a business to achieve a more environmentally-friendly status.
Simplify the waste audit process and enjoy the benefit of professionally designed waste reduction plans by using the services of an environmental consulting company in Ontario today.
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